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Install on Gentoo Linux

Step by Step install for Gentoo Linux

These steps assume you have already installed hatta using pip install hatta

Please ensure you have Python compiled with sqlite3 support or add the following to your /etc/portage/package.use

dev-lang/python sqlite

Files to create:

port = 8080
interface =
pages_path = /var/lib/hatta/docs
repo_path = /var/lib/hatta
cache_path = /tmp/hatta_cache
front_page = Home
site_name = Faerun Wiki
page_charset = UTF-8
unix_eol = True

HATTA_DAEMON_ARGS=" --config-file $HATTA_CONFIG_FILE --subdirectories"
depend() {
    need net

start() {
    #cd ~hatta
    ebegin "Starting hatta"
    start-stop-daemon --start --background --make-pidfile --exec $DAEMON --user hatta --pidfile $PIDFILE --wait 3000 -1 $HATTA_LOG -2 $HATTA_ERR -- $HATTA_DAEMON_ARGS
    eend $?


stop() {
  ebegin "Stopping hatta"
  start-stop-daemon --stop --exec $DAEMON --pidfile $PIDFILE
  eend $?
import sqlite3
import hatta

Commands to run after creating files

useradd -r hatta -d /var/lib/hatta
chmod +x /etc/init.d/hatta
touch /var/log/hatta.log /var/log/hatta.err
chown hatta. /var/log/hatta.*
chmod +x /usr/local/bin/hatta

At this point you should have a system setup with hatta and can stop and start it with /etc/init.d/hatta start

Authors' note: Somethings may be missing from these installation steps. If you seem something wrong please correct it.