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Wiki Creole wish list

This page is intended to discuss and clarify Creole markup as it pertains to the Hatta implementation.

Please note that work on Creole itself and things not specific to Hatta should happen on the Creole sites – on the wiki or on the frozen site (maybe contact that site's admins to discuss it).

Improve this page… Its your Wiki too!

The Wiki Creole conventions, goals and strategy are desirable and practical. Many aspects of Creole are not specified by the designers. The objective was to identify and rationalize those aspects of Wiki markup which might gain broad acceptance. This was a conscience decision and reasonable compromise, because the Wiki landscape is so varied and dynamic.

Creole sites:

The wikicreole site should be probably reviewed for conventions, proposals, discussions and decisions. Conflicts with this page should generally be resolved in favor of the official wikicreole web site.

Discussion is also encouraged for markup extensions beyond Creole 1.0, since its an evolving standard. If the ideas have merit, they should be propogated to the official wikicreole site for further review.

Priority scale for opinions below:





Code syntax highlights:

[1] Useful. Well defined. Widely used. Moderate cost.

[2] Perhaps useful. Sporadically implemented. Moderate cost.

[3] Continuation character prefix (like ":"), example list markup:

Example list caption:
  * Item A (conventional)
  * Item B (continued), ending with newline.
    : Item B continuation in the same paragraph.
    : Item B continuation in another paragraph.
  * Item C (conventional)
  Preformatted text, such as this, without any prefix terminates the list.
Regular text, such as this, without any prefix also terminates the list.

I see the original author of this page is not going to do anything with it, so I guess I will just delete the empty promises. – Radomir Dopieralski